Updating your furniture to something a little more fancy

Updating your furniture to something a little more fancy

When you first move out and get a place of your own you’re left with almost no furniture, it’s almost compulsory to have an Ikea trip; ending with a row about getting a Billy bookcase in the car. You’ll then end up paying £25 for delivery as you value your marriage more than the money. But as time passes and you belongings grow, it is sometimes nice to update your bigger pieces to something more substantial, like Oak Furniture.

Our house is absolutely full of Ikea stuff – we love it and that suits us fine, but each Christmas we buy something new and a little bit fancier, as a little Christmas present for us. One time we bought a reclining sofa, the other we got a new bed; and in the earliest days, we purchased an electric blanket. Oh yes, we know how to live!

The problem with buying new stuff is working out what is top of the list of priorities and finding somewhere that doesn’t cost the earth. Places like Lifestyle Furniture are a good place to start as they are reasonably priced with a large range of items and styles to suit every pocket, you can easily browse and pick up a wish list of items without having to go anywhere. I particularly like their “Cuba Oak” range as it’s more modern and is really stylish.

When you’re updating your bits and bobs you want to buy something that will last, and this is what you’ll get with solid oak, the veneer of cheaper furniture can sometimes date quite quickly, but you know with a solid wood piece it will look good and stand the test of time.

So what are we buying this year to update our house? I’m not really sure yet, but I definitely have a few items in mind. Now to convince the other half to buy it…

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