Unexpected bills when moving house.

Unexpected bills when moving house.

As you all know we moved house last month. If you missed it you can catch up here.  The move itself was hard but went smoothly overall, however, one thing that we didn’t expect is how much moving really costs!

Before we starting house hunting my husband and I sat down and planned all the costs we would expect to have to pay, but there were so many hidden things we hadn’t planned for. When you start to plan buying a new house, the obvious bills you realise you have to pay are:

  • Estate agent fees (if you’re selling too)
  • A solicitor
  • A moving company, or
  • Renting a van to move yourselves

But what ones will you perhaps not realise you have to fork out for? Here are a few that were either unexpected for us or more expensive than we anticipated:

  • Stamp duty (you can calculate how much you will have to pay on the Gov.uk website)
  • Settling the electricity/gas and water bills for your old house
  • Paying in advance for your utilities in the new property (such as the water bill, council tax and TV license)
  • Sky/Virgin/broadband installation

Although we managed to cover all the costs, we were still stung by having to pay for the little bits and bobs we hadn’t thought of. We desperately needed wardrobes as the old house had fitted ones, otherwise, we had nowhere to put our clothes. The problem was we’d already emptied the bank with all of the other costs. Luckily we have a credit card which we can use for smaller purchases, but if we didn’t we’d have struggled to find the extra cash.

Of course in these situations you could find a bit of cash from many places, a friend/family member, selling some of the stuff you found during the move that you never use anymore; or even a very short term loan from a company like Vivus. Companies such as this one offer short term loans for £100-£300 for up to 41 days and could possibly get you out of a bind for a few weeks. It goes without saying that they need to be paid back and the level of interest is high at 146%, however, if times were tough (but only until payday) they could perhaps help you get sorted in the short term. There are some sources, such as the BBC, that also say that this type of loan is cheaper than an unauthorised overdraft.

When you moved house, what was the biggest unexpected cost you came across?

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