Tiddler toddler tracker, do you need one?

Tiddler toddler tracker, do you need one?

A little while ago I was sent a “tiddler toddler tracker” from Tiddlers & Nippers, the idea behind it is that you can track your child’s meals and nappies throughout the day, all kept in a tidy log/diary. The company do other products that are along the same lines as this but for weaning and the newborn days so that you can keep a record.

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How I used it.

You may have seen that recently my husband and I went on a cruise, Isabelle stayed at her Grandparents and the time was split between them. I handed this fresh planner over to them when we dropped her off in the aim that they would fill it in and be able to have an easy handover when they met to swap.

Another point we used it for was because we started an elimination diet with Izzy to see if she had a lactose intolerance; so documenting what she ate and if there was a sneaky bit of dairy in it was a great help as well. From filling it in we could see that she can tolerate small amounts of dairy, such as cheese and a suck of a milkshake, but in larger quantities, it affected her. Something that would’ve been much harder if we hadn’t written it down.

Should you get one?

Now here is the big question. My answer is… it depends. It’s a clever product and its aim is very easy to understand, however, at toddler age, do you need to be logging every guilty bit of chocolate you give your little one to keep them calm whilst you run around Waitrose (does that not sound right…? OK, OK I’m running around Aldi, you caught me out trying to be upper-middle class).

But for a newborn and with weaning, I think this could be invaluable. In the haze of sleep deprivation, you can sometimes forget the quantity of feeds or length, how many dirty nappies and poonamis, or whether broccoli was the one she liked and not the carrot… or was it the carrot and not the broccoli? If you are in this phase I would go for it, and it is great to hand over to the childminder/nursery if they’re in childcare so that they can see what stage you’re at and return it filled with their input.

If you think you would like to give it a go, I have been given two tiddler toddler trackers to giveaway in a competition. Enter below for your chance to win.

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