Teacher boards review.

Teacher boards review.

I recently updated my office space. Now I have a day I officially work freelance at home, I needed a proper place to do some serious writing.  My Christmas present to myself was a new Ikea desk and I wanted to make my work retreat complete; so when I was asked by Teacher Boards if I would like one of their notice boards to put up in my office, I bit their hand off!

I look on Instagram and see all these beautiful monochrome, rose gold or vintage workspaces and get a bit jealous. By nature, I’m not an amazingly tidy person so I knew what I came up with wouldn’t make the Instagrammers go wild with the likes. But I do love the colour blue. Turquoise, teal, duck egg blue, you name it, I love it so I asked Teacher Boards for a blue board. I had already purchased a turquoise mouse and a blue pencil holder along with a lamp and giant blue bulldog clip; so I thought it would tie in nicely.

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The website offers a multitude of options, you can get custom boards with a logo on and pretty much any colour you can think of; all at many different sizes and finishes to suit any decor required. I picked an Unframed Lucia Premium Pinboard in Arecibo blue. It arrived very quickly and well packaged.

It took me forever to get it mounted to the wall, all because I hadn’t realised the wall was plasterboard! Oops. So although they provided fittings, I had to be inventive with how I managed to mount it. If you are mounting any of their boards to a brick wall you will have no difficulty. They come with all the fittings you need and it is a simple job.

If you have a plasterboard wall like me, I would recommend you buy some of the Command Velcro strips that you can use to hang pictures. I UHU glued them to the board and then stuck them to the wall. I also used a spirit level to make sure that it was straight. The strips hold really well and solve my problem completely. My board is safe on the wall and hasn’t fallen off once since I fitted it.

If you’re looking to update your office space, or even just have a board to pin your children’s creations I would definitely recommend them. Their customer service is excellent and the quality is the best I’ve seen.

Do you like my new office space?

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*I was sent a Teacher Board free for the purposes of this review, however, the opinions are my own and honest. 

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