Taking the “jump” into horses

Taking the “jump” into horses

I’m not a massive horsey person, I think they’re lovely and majestic, however, I fell off one quite spectacularly when I was 12 when it decided to go over a 3ft 6 jump the first time I ever went horseriding. But one thing is for sure is that Isabelle LOVES horses. They are her favourite animal and she constantly likes to talk about them. She loves all the cartoons on TV and always likes to ride us like “horsies” (as she calls them) whilst we crawl around on the floor as she shouts yeehaa! 

Because she loves them so much we decided to look into her spending some time with horses, just as a bit of fun. At the age of 3, we aren’t really looking at renting stables etc but would love to give her the chance to enjoy them so we looked locally at the options. She is still a bit young to take up the hobby properly but as I’m an inquisitive person I wanted to look into everything on offer.

Riding schools.

Riding schools are great if you want to learn to ride without the cost of owning or renting a horse, there are pony clubs for the little ones and they have supervision and tuition with safe and well-trained horses and staff who are specialised in teaching your children. Our local one allows you to ride with your little ones as a beginner, if you’re up for it.

Pony parties.

These are available for those that don’t want to take up lessons but want a bit of fun. These parties are great for birthdays and come with trained staff to help the little party goers have a great time. There are limits to the number of children allowed to go, as they can’t usually accommodate the whole class, but a few close friends would be perfect and would suit any age from toddler to teen if they wanted to dip their toe in.

The whole hog.

If you are really into horses and you really want the whole shebang then perhaps renting a horse or buying one is more up your street. Obviously, this can be very costly and comes with a lot of extra responsibility. Doing this for a toddler or very young child may not be appropriate, but can be great for an older child as they can learn about the maintenance of horses; the discipline of mucking out the stables and the day-to-day care – including feeding and paying for vet fees as required. It is so important to feed them properly as this can make a massive effect on their health. I’ve read that using specialist food brands can be really beneficial (which is the same as I use with our pug) Spillers have food for every type of horse from weight management to aiding with racing training. You can shop Spillers horse feed online. They also have a ration calculator so you know how much to feed your steed so that they don’t get chunky!

So what will we do?

Obviously, it is a bit early to be thinking of buying a horse, so I think over the next 12 months we’ll be looking into either a party or toddler lessons. If Isabelle is keen then maybe we’ll sign up. If in the future she does want to do it more seriously then we’ll have a closer look into rental. But for now, she can still shout “yeehaa” as I crawl around the kitchen with her on my back.

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