Taking a child on a cruise, yes or no?

Taking a child on a cruise, yes or no?

I recently wrote a post on BabyCentre about going away for a fortnight without Isabelle. We went on a cruise around the Mediterranean, just me and my husband, and it was bloody brilliant! But whilst we were relishing in the unlimited sleep and food, we really did miss her and once we were in the last few days we couldn’t wait to get back and kiss her chubby face. We asked ourselves if we would take a child on a cruise next time, and the answer is yes.

We booked our vacation saying to ourselves that children weren’t really suitable for a cruise holiday, that they wouldn’t sit down for the restaurant meals and you couldn’t enjoy the atmosphere with a little-one in tow.

But do you know what? We were wrong.

And we admit that. Now there is one stipulation, that the child needs to be old enough to enjoy the kids club. On our ship, there was a kids club available from 3 years old plus, as long as they were potty trained. We looked into the activities and they were fantastic, they even included a bedtime club where the little-ones could stay to go to sleep so the parents could have a meal in peace in the posh restaurant. If you had a teenager then it was even better, you probably wouldn’t see your kid for the whole holiday with everything they had to offer.

Should you take a child on a cruise, yes or no? Would a kid enjoy a cruise or would you be happier as a couple on a cruise?

We booked our holiday with Iglu and have always booked our cruises with them. And, as always, they were fantastic. We had a great deal on a cabin with a free upgrade to a porthole, which we loved having only stayed in staterooms with no windows before. IGLU have never failed us and honestly, this is the first place I look when I want to book a cruise holiday,

It’s undeniable that cruising is suited for people without kids in tow, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go just because you’re with child, I would recommend sailing from Southampton as you have no luggage limits then and it’s as easy as if you were parking your car and going to the seaside. Once you’re on the boat you don’t have to worry about a thing, you really do have 24 hour access to food and beverages and you get the bonus of not having to lift a finger but visit many different destinations all in one holiday.

I’ve made a video with all my best cruising tips, have you got any to add?

Next year we’re going to take Isabelle with us and we’re thinking of a Baltic cruise, St Petersburg here we come!

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