Slendertone Connect Abs review

Slendertone Connect Abs review

I’ve always wanted to be toned. But in reality, I love cake far too much and have the willpower of a fly! I got in touch with Slendertone earlier this year and asked if they could help me out and they sent me a Slendertone Connect Abs to review. I couldn’t wait to get started.

I made a short video of me unboxing and putting it on (because unboxing is totes popular) just to show how it all works, as I had no idea what to expect.

How does it work?

I managed to get it sorted really easily and the app connected seamlessly to the belt. There are lots of different settings to pick and beings as I still have a baby belly (can you count it as that when it’s been 15 months?) I picked the postnatal setting which takes about 90 days to work. The other settings are essential toning, advanced toning, fitness and “upcoming event”. The latter helps you tone in time for a specific deadline.

The belt is controlled via the app and some small buttons on the battery pack. You can control the intensity from your phone and monitor the changes in the belt throughout the programme. When the belt is on, it feels like strong vibrations and tightenings of the muscle, but it isn’t painful. I found the sensation pleasant and it didn’t bother me at all. You carry out the training programme according to the settings you’ve pre-set and how many times you’ll use the belt each week then the app then monitors your progress.

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I had to have a pause midway through my programme as I was in hospital with pneumonia, I then re-started the full programme again to make sure I gave a fair review based on the instructions. At the end of the 90 days, I would say I definitely feel more toned, however, the postnatal programme isn’t meant to give you washboard abs, it’s meant to help your muscles recover and have general good tone. So at the moment you won’t be seeing me in a boob tube displaying my amazing tummy (I wouldn’t do that anyway, it’s not fair on the general public to put that on display). I am now going to start the Slendertone fitness programme to try and create a more sculpted me.

I would recommend the Connect Abs belt to mums postnatally as you can do it whilst you’re watching the tv in the evening, or any time of day really. You don’t need to actually work out to help improve your tummy muscles which is ideal for mummies. You shouldn’t use it until it’s been 6 weeks since the birth of your baby, and use discretion if you had a Caesarean as you need to make sure you’re completely healed first (I’d give it a good 10 weeks). But after that go for it!

It is available from lots of places and the RRP is £179.99. Although, you can pick it up for cheaper on the official website. The instructions recommend that you replace the pads after 20-30 uses, these are widely available as well, and the RRP is £11.99 for the 3 pads required.

I was given a Slendertone Connect Abs for the purposes of an honest review. The views and opinions are my own, I value my readers too much to compromise that.

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