Upcycling your kitchen for less than £40.

Upcycling your kitchen for less than £40.

When we moved to our new house, our kitchen was in quite a state. The majority of the door knobs were missing (although it may have been to child proof the cupboards as they had little ones) and the doors were dirty. The kickboards underneath the units didn’t match either, and they were practically falling off. We knew we didn’t have to money, nor inclination to replace the whole kitchen so had to think outside the box, so we did a bit of upcycling.

The day after we got the keys, my husband and I went to IKEA Coventry to stock up on the new furniture we needed. Whilst we were there we bought 26 door knobs for the kitchen as well, yes, we had 25 door knobs to fit or replace! It cost about £40 but the difference was amazing. As soon as they went on, with a scrub of the cupboard doors the kitchen looked brand new. We also repurposed some wood to make new kickboards and match them to the “weathered” doors.

For less than £40 we had given our kitchen a new lease of life.

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We also inherited a fridge in the move. We were really pleased as it was an American fridge, our’s at the old house was a tiny one. However, once we had good look, we realised that the new fridge was short of a few shelves. Not really a big issue as the fridge space we had gained was still infinitely more than we had before. I only realised recently that you could get fridge shelves made to replace broken/missing ones. Places like Simply Plastics will do made-to-measure fridge shelves. Something we are now looking at doing.

Have you ever had to resurrect a kitchen? Or did you go all-out and buy a new one? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. December 12, 2016 / 5:45 pm

    It’s amazing what a difference a few new door knobs can make! x

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