My response to the Manchester Arena attacks

My response to the Manchester Arena attacks

A week ago I wrote a post about whether people were inherently good or bad, inspired by the death of the “Moors Murderer” Ian Brady.  I said that I felt that people were good, in the majority. And it is something I still stand by now. The Manchester Arena attacks on Monday were abhorrent. I woke to the news and was chilled to my core that someone could want to kill children and families.

“How? HOW?”

At the time of writing ISIS have claimed responsibility, someone in Nuneaton (a town I worked in until January this year) has been arrested in connection with the attack, many others are being caught by the police and the ministry of defence daily.

“But are people still good?”

Yes, because the actions of a few don’t outweigh the actions of the many. What we saw of the people of Manchester on Tuesday will stay with me for a lifetime, for only good reasons. People offering their house for rest, their cars for journeys home and looking after the young and vulnerable separated from their families. We were great. Or should I say, they were great, I was not one of the ones being a hero, I just watched on at home.

“I wouldn’t deserve that label.”

But they do.

Manchester, I was there in your city centre on Sunday, walking around like there wasn’t a care in the world. I felt safe, I would never have expected a terrorist attack in your town.

But now here we are, and it has happened.

But amongst it all, you stood together and you restored the UK’s faith in humanity when there was none.

The NHS, the taxi drivers, the hotels, the innocent civilians and even the wonderful homeless man. You are amazing and you have done more for the UK than any attacker can try and take away.

“Stuff you terrorism, we win.”

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