Positivity breeds happiness.

Positivity breeds happiness.

I’m pretty well known around these parts as the midwife that tells, with brutal honesty, how it is when it comes to pregnancy, parenting and crap TV. So I may shock you today. I’m actually feeling the tides turn a little bit. Things are getting better.

Having blogged quite prolifically about postnatal depression, I feel during this little moment, things are lifting a little and I am finally seeing the wood for the trees. If you are a sufferer out there, it really doesn’t last forever, just do what ever you can to ride the wave. I’m not saying I’m clean and dry, I know for a fact this may well be a small window of clarity but I’m happy with that for now!

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve noticed things are definitely getting brighter. My little one is getting slightly bigger now and has a really cute habit of grinning when you smother her with kisses. We are now in the middle of the four month sleep regression and I’m SO tired. Exhausted in fact. However, I feel like we’re finally getting somewhere and my baby is actually a real little person. I warn you, I have a glass of wine in hand, so that may be aiding the positive mood, but I have gotten to the point where I miss being away from her and get excited to see her in the morning (slightly less at 2.30am, to be absolutely honest).

We’re getting to the point of weaning soon, and I’m now looking at our daughter and seeing that she is approaching being an infant rather than a baby . Her little personality is shining through. She is a stubborn little madam, and that drives me crazy. But I’m getting so much more back and it truly does make the job of motherhood much more worthwhile.

For now, back to the wine and the brutal honesty.

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