Pampers Club app, where poops mean points!

Pampers Club app, where poops mean points!

Pampers Club -Where every poo is rewarded.

The new app means you can turn nappies into rewards and savings with Pampers.

Let’s be honest – changing nappies isn’t exactly my favourite thing to do at 5 am in the morning, so I was really pleased when I heard that Pampers had come up with a great way to turn the daily (or sometimes more than daily) #pooface into something fruitful! They’ve recently launched an exciting new rewards app called Pampers Club – it’s free, easy to use and it rewards you every time you buy Pampers! Awesome I thought, where do I sign?!

Here’s how it works:

For every £1 you spend on Pampers nappies or wipes, you’ll receive 10 Pampers Club points with the app! You can register here then all you need to do is buy your Pampers as you usually would, both in-store and online, then take a photo of your receipt using the app, and start watching your points grow.

To get you going, you receive 500 bonus points after scanning your first receipt. Then you can choose to exchange your points for different types of rewards and savings. The best thing is there are things for both you and baby. Rewards include Pampers coupons and toys, to a 3-month subscription to Mother and Baby magazine. So now when you see that #pooface, you know that all those Pampers nappies you’re getting through are actually working their way towards a nice mum-treat… or one for the baby. I know which I’ll pick!

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