November roundup

November roundup

So a little later than planned, but I thought I would do a little November roundup. My October one went down quite well, so here we go! 

November was a quiet month, to be honest. It started off with a little holiday to Center Parcs, we normally go every Autumn/Winter time so the break had been booked since last November! When I pressed the “book” button I was imagining it would be Winter Wonderland again – however, fast forward 12 months and I’d got the week before booked. The Christmas events weren’t starting until the day we came back *insert facepalm*. 

We had a fabulous time with a log fire each night and lots of nice meals and cakes (Center Parcs cakes are really something else!). Mr Mumsy and I also managed to get a date night in and went to Las Iguanas for the first time. Yes, I have been living under a rock. On the final day we managed to squeeze in a visit to Father Christmas which was fab, except Isabelle wouldn’t say a word and looked awestruck the whole time. I wrote a review about the Winter Wonderland experience if you’re interested and want to read more.

The rest of the month was very quiet, concentrating at work and being busy with standard work bits. I had a trip to London for training and ended up having to buy an emergency pair of shoes as my ballet pumps fell apart in the rain. I also became a victim of influencer marketing! An Instagram favourite of mine (ex Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe) was wearing a pair of glasses and I immediately went and bought them myself. And they said that influencers don’t work, eh! I then sent them off to a wholesaler to get my prescription put in. I was really surprised that actually sending your frames off to get the glass is SO much cheaper than getting it done in an optician. All I had to do was send a copy of my prescription and they quoted me a price, completed it and sent them back, within 10 days. If you are a life long specs wearer, I would definitely recommend it. 

Black Friday was quiet here as well, we didn’t buy any big bargains. I treated myself to a pressure multi-cooker which I am still a bit scared of! When you release the pressure it’s like it’s going to explode in your face, but I made a pasta bake in 4 minutes, so it’s a yes from me!

The end of the month brought me a sickness bug, which rendered me to my bed for 3 days, I had put on a couple of lb so it helped me shift them (every cloud and all that). I never had one sickness bug before I had Isabelle and since, I’ve had 7-8. They’re always a joy…

December is another quiet month, lots of weekend plans and Christmas themed frivolity. I am hoping to do a few “day in the life” vlogs and perhaps record a bit more content, but we shall see. 

What was your November like?

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