Miffy rocks her socks

Miffy rocks her socks

I am a diehard lover of three brands. No, I’m not going to say Michael Kors or Estée Lauder, although I do like everything they do, I’m going to say Miffy, Hello Kitty and Pusheen. I bloomin’ love them. Back when I started University I was given a Miffy fob watch as a present, and to this day I treasure it. It’s a brand that I would love to pass my love on to Isabelle. Luckily when I was asked to review some Miffy products I gave them to Izzy for her birthday, immediately we realised Miffy rocks her socks too!

Although I am a grown woman and Isabelle is a two-year-old the products range across the generations. We were sent a selection of books, colouring books and a lovely jigsaw puzzle for Isabelle to play with and they went down a treat.

miffy jigsaw, miffy book, miffy colouring book, www.mumsymidwife.com

The jigsaw is a simple 20 piece puzzle which is great for a growing mind and with a little help, a tiny one can complete it easily enough.

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With the books, they are lovely and colourful, with simple enough designs that a toddler could enjoy them, they would be ideal for a baby as well, with high contrast images and colours which would stimulate a tiny brain.

miffy jigsaw, miffy book, miffy colouring book, www.mumsymidwife.com

Isabelle is at an age where she LOVES colouring, and this book is no exception. With her drawings resembling a Picasso masterpiece, we are more than happy to see her concentrating on her doodles and colours.


Overall we’re really impressed with the gifts we were sent. I love to encourage Isabelle with any activities that stretch her mind, and if they have my favourite brand then I am even more chuffed. It’s safe to say that these bits and bobs have gone down a treat and will be very well used and enjoyed in Chez Mumsy, as long as I can keep a track on all the jigsaw pieces!

*I was sent various items from Miffy for the purposes of an honest review, all opinions here are my own or of my daughter.

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