A midwife ask me anything – go on I dare you!

A midwife ask me anything – go on I dare you!

I’ve decided to up my vlogging game, I am trying to make an effort to vlog 3 times a month and am starting off with a bang, I’m doing a midwife ask me anything! So go on I dare you, comment below with a question and your name (and blog if you have one) and I will aim to answer it as honestly as possible. 

Obviously, I won’t be divulging anything confidential or personally identifiable, so don’t worry if you are someone I’ve looked after or if you hear something that sounds familiar, it won’t be about you. My answers will be combinations of experiences I’ve had and other midwives stories. So do not fear, no break of confidentiality here!

I do have a YouTube channel, which I have neglected for a long time now. You will find some very meagre attempts at vlogging on there with an unboxing and a couple of reviews as dull as dishwater. But if you subscribe, then I will bring lots more interesting content to your feed forthwith. Promise.

My theme for this AMA is the alternative questions you have, not the obvious ones like, “What are the signs of labour” but the ones that you didn’t think to ask your midwife, or were too shy to ask. Think of: “If I pooed in labour would you tell me?” or, “If I was a dragon when I was in labour, would I know?”

So go ahead and ask me anything. I will be filming later this week, so get your skates on and put on your thinking cap. I can’t wait to hear your responses.

I have entered a competition to win a contract with Channel Mum, so if you would be as kind as to subscribe to my channel this may help my chances (not really sure if it will, but it won’t hurt, will it!).

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