Looking after your dog’s coat

Looking after your dog’s coat

I’ve got a puppy, as you may know. Now, I am using the term “puppy” loosely here, my pug is now 10 months old, so in age, he is definitely still a pup, but he looks like an absolute giant. Honestly, he is the biggest pug I have ever seen, so I do feel a bit like a fraud calling him a baby. However, as he is my first ever dog, I have had a very steep learning curve since we brought him home last February.

People told me that having a dog is like having a baby, and I didn’t believe them. Isabelle was such an intense little-one, I never had a moment to myself for the first year of her life, so there was absolutely no way a dog could be harder than that.

But I was wrong.

Now, don’t misinterpret me, I don’t regret buying him for a second, but he hasn’t been the easiest pet to look after. We had to do special one-on-one training with him because he wouldn’t learn in a group; he barks a lot and wakes up Isabelle and he has very sensitive skin, leading to some very expensive vet bills when he had a bad reaction to some “puppy” shampoo (I won’t put the pictures on here as they were very graphic).

However, when FURminator got in touch and asked me to review their products, I thought I would give them a try. They assured me the products were sensitive to dog’s skin and I had seen their grooming brush in the shops, along with rave reviews.

Let’s just say, they work an absolute treat! I’m not a fan of bathing the pug as he loves to escape from the shower mid-way through and get the soap suds all over the house. But sometimes needs must when it’s been a wet day or he’s been out with his mates and the dog walker. Also with the change in season, he has been moulting like a beast and it was driving me bonkers.

The shampoo suited his skin and had a nice lather, it was really easy to wash off and made him smell lovely, along with the deodorising spray for between washes, he was a lot better smelling than he had been previously.

Now let’s talk about the brush. OH. MY. GOD.

It is honestly wonderful. I managed to keep Pimbo still long enough to brush him and brushed him every day for a few weeks when his coat was at its worst. I managed to get off this much fur EVERY DAY, sometimes double. To give this context this was almost the size of a side plate, and Pimbo is a pug, not exactly a great dane!

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It was so satisfying combing out all the loose strands and he loved the feeling on his skin as I imagine it’s a bit like a doggie massage. It made such a difference to my house as a result, with less fur on the furniture and floors, I didn’t feel like I was in a s**t tip.

If you have a dog (or cat), I would definitely think about investing in a FURminator brush, they are really, REALLY good and totally worth the price tag. I would grab some of the shampoo and spray, as well, if that was your thing, but I know many don’t bath their dogs and I guess some don’t smell as bad as mine!

*I was sent a FURminator brush, shampoo and deodorising spray for the purposes of an honest review, the opinions here are my own. 

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