Keeping your house safe whilst you’re away

Keeping your house safe whilst you’re away

I always worry when we’re away from home. Did we lock the back door? Are all the windows closed? The answer is always yes, but when we reverse out of the driveway, I always doubt myself. My husband is the same and even when we are only going shopping he has to check the front door is locked, he even pinches himself to remind him he’s checked (a little OCD, I know).

But what ways, that aren’t so obvious, can you secure and protect your home whilst you’re on holiday? Have a little look below at my top tips.

1. Let a friendly neighbour know that you’re going.

Having someone that lives close by that can keep an eye out is probably the most useful thing. We’re on good terms with our neighbours so just drop them a text when we’re off for the weekend. If they notice anything suspicious, they can let you know straight away. Our old neighbours even offered to feed our cat, but we knew her game… she just wanted a cuddle with the fur-baby. Neighbourhood watch (whether officially or unofficially) is very underrated in today’s “keep yourself to yourself” society.

2. Have the lights on timers.

How old-school is this?! We normally have someone come around each day to feed the domesticated lion so they turn the lights on and off alternately so it looks like we’re in. If no one was coming around, we would set the living room light to turn on when it gets dark. Don’t hold me to it, but I’m sure there is an app where you can control your lights from your smartphone, now that’s an exciting way to spend your holiday! You can buy regular analogue timers on Amazon really cheaply, so it’s a really reasonable way to make it look like you’re home!

3. Make sure your home insurance is up to date.

This is a biggie, if anything DID happen, you’re going to need your policy to pay out for the damage or lost items. One thing to note is how many days your policy covers you for if your house is empty. Not that we’re big enough travellers, but if you’re having an extended break, check it doesn’t invalidate your policy. Places like Chill Insurance offer great deals, so there’s no reason for not having your house covered!

4. Get a burglar alarm.

If you have one, use it. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of crime, perhaps consider getting one fitted. They are very fancy these days and some have cameras linked to your phone and direct links to the police.

5. Make sure you don’t leave your valuables in view.

Put the iPad, laptop and other desirable devices somewhere out of view of people that can see through your windows. Don’t dangle the carrot for them to want to cherry pick your favourite tech.

6. Don’t broadcast your holiday plans on social media!

The last, and perhaps the easiest trap to fall into. Don’t tell everyone you’re away on Facebook. Although the updates are great for close friends and family; if your security settings aren’t air-tight anyone can see that you, most definitely, are not at home.  It makes their lives easy if they know you’re spending the week in Marbs all inclusive (or if you’re like me these days, on a weekend Sun holiday for £10).

What tips do you have for keeping your home safe when you’re away? Leave me a comment below!

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