JORD Wood Watches review

JORD Wood Watches review

I don’t even know where to begin with this review, I am just so enamoured. JORD Wood Watches sent me one of their unique watches to review and I am in love. They are just SO beautiful. I was given the option to try one of their women’s watches and I picked the Zebrawood and Turquoise CORA watch.

The watches are shipped from America and the prices are in dollars, which makes them look more expensive than they are when you convert that back to GBP. They are a pricey decision, however, as soon as I saw the watch in the flesh I realised why they demand that higher price bracket. The watch strap is made with individual wooden links and you can see the mechanism working behind the watch face. The one I picked is battery free so you need to wind it regularly to keep it going, but this little slice of traditional time keeping adds to its charm.

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Ordering is easy, they even make the band to your specific size requirements, so you won’t need to get it resized once it arrives. There is a link to a sizing guide, in which you measure your wrist and input it on the order page. They then send the spare links in the box for future use. The links are joined in a traditional manner so you could easily get the size changed at a local jewellers with no difficulty, should you need to, or if the watch is a gift and you can’t pre-measure.

The next thing I need to tell you about was the packaging. It was packed safely for its journey from the USA so no concerns about it being damaged on route. When I opened the box I was really excited, purely because the watch comes in a special wooden box with the JORD Wood Watches brand logo on and the watch is presented on a pillow, to really accentuate its colour and individuality.

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With Christmas coming up I really think that if you have a watch lover in the family, it would be an amazing present. The quality is superb and the idea of a wooden watch is different to the usual metal style. It would truly be an individual present and one that your loved one wouldn’t expect, and the unboxing definitely wouldn’t disappoint.


JORD Wooden Watches

*This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

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