I’m a “not-so-perfect” mummy – and that’s ok!

I’m a “not-so-perfect” mummy – and that’s ok!

Recently, a post I wrote on bonding with my baby has been published. It was a tough subject to write about and I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve discussing such a taboo subject in such a public manner.

But it’s true, I didn’t bond with my daughter right away. I’m sorry, but I didn’t. I’ve sat here this morning reading mum’s facebook comments about how they love everything about motherhood and that every moment of every day is a blessing. I’m thrilled that for you that is how it is. But I sit here now feeling wholly inadequate all over again about the fact that there are so many things I don’t enjoy. I don’t enjoy getting up at 2 am with the screeching. I don’t enjoy the 3 hour “feed, nappy, fight to go to sleep” fiasco that my life is dominated by.

Seriously mums, there must be some of you out there that don’t feel full of the joys of spring about everything parenting? The Unmumsy Mum makes me feel much better about the funny side of life. She gives me hope that I’m not alone.

I am asking for a Call to Action from mums that aren’t the equivalent of a Stepford wife. We need to join in allegiance to show that the picture painted isn’t the only one that exists. Just think of the support it would provide for the mummies out there that are sat behind Facebook feeling like they are failing as a parent because they aren’t the earth mother they thought they’d be.

Come on mummies lets start a revolution! I’m a “not-so-perfect” mummy – and that’s ok!

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  1. Gemma Shaw
    January 21, 2016 / 5:17 pm

    I’m with you 100%! It’s tiring and sometimes not all that much fun! And the pressure to be the perfect mummy is just too much!

    • January 21, 2016 / 7:39 pm

      It’s not always fun at all is it?! I spent half of this afternoon trying to console a baby that had decided waking up from her nap was THE worst thing that had never happened in the history of time. X

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