Happy Birthday Dyson Supersonic!

Happy Birthday Dyson Supersonic!

We all know that I’m a tech geek, I love anything that plugs into a wall, pretty much; so I was really excited to be invited to the Dyson Supersonic event at John Lewis in Grand Central, Birmingham. It was the hair dryer’s first birthday and they wanted to celebrate. I only wish I could have my birthday party at John Lewis… just putting that out there (it’s October 17th if you’re wondering).

Us bloggers were treated to champagne and cupcakes, as well as Aveda hand massages and Dior lip makeovers, whilst we tried out the revolutionary design. Have you seen one? They are based on the style of Dyson fans and heaters. With a hollow cylindrical barrel, it initially looks like magic how it works, but it pulls in the air in via the handle and forces it out and towards your hair.

Do you know when was the last time the stereotypical hair dryer design was researched? Have a think about it and I’ll tell you below.

The people at Dyson created a “hair lab” and tested their design on 1000 miles of hair to make sure that they were at the top of their game, and the benefit shows. Whereas conventional hair dryers heat your hair to dry it, the Dyson Supersonic uses the force of the air at 105mph and 41 litres per second to “push” the water off of your hair. This means it’s much kinder and healthier for your mop.

Did you know that a conventional hair dryer can reach temperatures of more than 230 degrees celsius?

Yes, that’s right 230 degrees, that’s hotter than you would roast a chicken in the oven, so how on earth is that good for your hair? The answer is, it isn’t. The Supersonic delivers “Intelligent Heat Control Technology” which involves the only microprocessor ever fitted into a hair dryer. This bit of tech uses a thermostat to make sure the temperature reaches no more than 28 deg for a cold shot; 60 deg for fine hair or children; 80 deg for normal hair types and finally 100 deg for coarse hair. The result is that you can have much smoother, healthier locks.

I won’t lie, it’s bloody expensive at £300 and over 10 times the price of the average hair dryer. One thing I didn’t know before I went to the event was that it has the capability for nozzles and a diffuser. At first glance, you don’t know how they would fit but it’s all fancy and magnetic.

So, have you got an answer to the question above? What do you think, 80s, 90s? Nope. The 1950s.

Yep, over 60 years ago! And we all know how things have come on in the last 60 years with tech.

Can you help me?

Yes, I am asking for a bit of help. The event has challenged all the bloggers to create the most liked and most creative selfie, to be in with the chance of winning a Dyson Supersonic. And this is my contribution.

Queen Bey eat your heart out with my take on her pregnancy announcement, complete with two Dyson Supersonic dryers to symbolise those twins she was expecting.

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*I was invited to the event but not paid for this post, I just really want to win the hair dryer.

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