Guest post – introducing our dog to our cat wasn’t easy.

Guest post – introducing our dog to our cat wasn’t easy.

My second guest post in the series about puppies is from Amy, she writes Eps and Amy and has given us an account of her experience of raising dogs and cats together.

It’s something I am going to have to face in the Mumsy Midwife household as our resident kitty is a feisty lion, I know they won’t get along, but she is an amazing little animal and has adapted to having a baby in the house wonderfully, I know she will be fine with a dog too. I think it may take a while, though!

Here is Amy’s story…

“I have had 2 different puppies whilst we have had the cat.

introducing a dog and a cat,, Eps and Amy

The first was much more trouble than the second and unfortunately, we had to rehome her due to her not getting on with the children and the cat. After the trauma of this we said we would not get another dog, but a few years later we relented and got another.

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When we were considering a dog we did all the research as to how to introduce them into a cat household and the general rule was to keep the dog contained to one room (so the rest of the house was still the cats), always have somewhere high up for the cat to escape to and if possible put the dog in a crate or keep them on a lead so they don’t chase the cat.

introducing a dog and a cat,, Eps and Amy

“We tried everything with our first puppy,”

but it was so boisterous and wild that it continued to try and chase the cat. Eventually we settled on using stair gates so the dog lived downstairs and the cat upstairs, we even had to install a cat flap right next to the stairs so the cat didn’t have to run through the lounge to get outside. Even then we kept finding the cat had peed on the bed (or worse!). As I said there were many reasons we rehomed the dog, but the cat was one of them.

Several years later we did some more research and got a King Charles Puppy.

introducing a dog and a cat,, Eps and Amy

“We introduced her to the cat in exactly the same way as before and it worked, we live in harmony.”

I wouldn’t say they are friends, they certainly don’t cuddle, but they happily live alongside each other, with only occasional tiffs; the dog does like to chase him sometimes but he turns round and bats her so we know who is boss. Rehoming our dog was a hard decision to make and choosing to get another was the cause of some heated discussions.

“But it worked for us and we now have a happy kitty and a happy family.” 

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