Men’s suits and getting ready for the wedding season.

Men’s suits and getting ready for the wedding season.

The spring season is upon us and as the weather is starting to warm up and the clocks are changing, it’s time to start thinking about your summer style. I am looking to completely revamp my wardrobe this year to embrace my post-baby body shape, as no matter how hard I’ve tried, my figure is just different now. I will be the first to admit that I’ve struggled to embrace my “pear” shape and could really do with some time with a personal shopper helping me choose the right clothes.

My husband started Slimming World with me and has lost much more weight than I have; he lost a stone within three weeks (I am not jealous… much), so he is thinking about a new wardrobe too. Although I’m sure he isn’t as keen as me to go shopping. One thing he will need to get is a new suit.

Suits can be hard to find; if you want one that is good quality there are only a few places you can go. I do feel sorry for men, as when women go to an occasion they can choose so many different styles to wear, whereas men just have the colour of suit to choose from. Places like Suitsmen offer a one stop shop for suits and all the associated apparel, with the ease of not having to go into town to physically hunt one down. They offer suits of every size, all you need to do is take the measurements and look on the website. I know my husband hates going clothes shopping, so this is much more appealing to him.

One thing you can guarantee on is that a suit will last years. So in my opinion, it is better to spend a little more for good quality tailoring; something which Suitsmen offers in droves. I would shop at mid-high end places like Monsoon, Phase Eight and Oasis for my occasion wear, and would expect to pay a little more for a well fitting outfit; and sometimes I would only expect to wear it once. At least men will reuse a good suit for many years.

What style suit do you/your partner like?

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