Finding cheaper phone contracts

Finding cheaper phone contracts

You may have seen recently that I changed my phone contract. I did a little bit of research and worked out that the way to get cheaper phone contracts is with sim-free deals (which comes as no surprise). In the past, I’ve always stuck with O2 and paid the upgrade fee every year to keep up to date with the latest handset. So how have I saved money?

I’m an Apple fiend, no Android handset will ever please me enough. So now I’ve bought my iPhone from Apple directly. With their “Apple Upgrade Programme,” the handset is sim-free so you can use any network, you pay towards your handset every month at 0% APR. After a year you then hand your phone back and get a shiny new one.

Now I’m all free and breezy and next March I get a shiny new phone for no hefty upgrade fee!

So what do you do when you’re looking for a new deal? I am always strapped for time, so I like a good comparison tool which collates all the information for me to peruse at my leisure. Let’s face it, there are lots of places to check out the options, from Carphone Warehouse to Money Supermarket, and the new one on the scene is Mobile Phone Checker. This site can help you pick a sim-free deal or one with a handset. Or you can create a tailored deal by finding the best offers to buy your phone outright from places like Argos and similar, then find a cheaper sim-free contract on the side.

I’ve had a little play with the site and found (luckily) that I am on the best deal for me. But it does allow for you to fiddle around with all the options and still see the quotes from all the different websites and providers, and now I know it is there, I will be checking to make sure I am not spending a penny more than I need to at the end of the 12 months.

How do you try and save money on your mobile phone deal?

*This is a collaborative post with Mobile Phone Checker

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