Fanciful food with Opies, Stag and more

Fanciful food with Opies, Stag and more

I attended the BlogOn conference earlier this year and was delighted to try out all the samples Opies, Linghams, Barry Norman and Stagg had on offer at their stands. I was even more delighted when they sent me a box full of the goodies they had on the day. I mean, who doesn’t like to get sent food?! 

Opies are a family owned company that concentrate on store cupboard sundries. Some of the loot they sent me included Cocktail Cherries, Black Cherries in Kirsch (nom nom) and Summer Berry Compote along with Cocktail Gherkins, Cocktail Onions, Ginger in Syrup and Crystallised Stem Ginger. So a bountiful box of tasties. I particularly loved the cherries, the Kirsch Cherries would be ideal for a boozy Eton Mess or possibly with some natural yoghurt for an evening pudding and the Cocktail Cherries would be great in just that… a cocktail. I had mine with Malibu and Coke as well as with some Raspberry Gin and Lemonade *hiccup*.

Stags offerings included Seaweed Oatcakes, Seaweed Water Biscuits, Cheese Straws and Smoked Butter Oatcakes. Let’s just say that the Cheese Straws and Smoked Butter Oatcakes did not last long in our house. The main culprit was me, I have to admit. With a little bit of the Special Reserve Cheese – 25 months matured, which is an Aldi fave for the household; we nibbled through the packet in no time.

I must be honest and say I’m not a gherkin or pickled onion fan, so the jars of the Opies savoury items and the Barry Norman Hot and Spicy Pickled Onions were donated to my parents that thoroughly enjoyed them. The Langham’s Chilli Sauce was tested by my husband (I can’t even handle the mildest seasoning at Nando’s) which he said definitely “had a kick”.

So thank you for the delivery guys! You’ve fed the whole family and made some tummy’s happy from tucking into the samples.

*I was sent the items in exchange for an honest review. The opinions here are entirely my own or of my family

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