How to entertain children at weddings.

How to entertain children at weddings.

What do you do with children at weddings? It was a real conundrum for us when my husband and I got married 14 months ago. Back then we were blissfully child free (although secretly pregnant) and really didn’t want children spoiling our ceremony. I know, we were callous back then.

The problem, as I’m sure is the same for many couples, was that we desperately wanted the mums and dads to be at the ceremony, and some had travelled a long way to come. So we put our thinking caps on and came up with an idea that was actually perfect for us. We arranged a children’s room for the little ones for whilst the ceremony was underway and through until the wedding breakfast was served. We lucked out, my bridesmaid was a trained nursery nurse so she managed to hire a friend, that was qualified to look after kids, to come along for a few hours paid work.  We had DVDs, party games, party bags and loads to keep the kids entertained. It brought the added bonus that the parents could relax a little whilst the Prosecco was served, and chat to their friends, rather than chase around their hyperactive 3 year old. Nearly every parent came and said to us that they couldn’t believe how well it had worked out – although they were all pretty tipsy by that point.

One thing we were really worried about, was that the kids wouldn’t want to stay with the “babysitter”; or that the parents would think that we’d not properly researched our choice of childcare provider. We truly didn’t think that all the children would want to play and be away from their parents. However, all the families were informed, via their invitations, that a qualified professional would be there for a party and if they were concerned, they could, of course, stay with their children in the party room.

Ultimately,  all we really wanted was that we would say our vows without a little one screaming or talking. Is that too much to ask?

Of course a wedding isn’t just entertaining children for the ceremony, the evening can be a bit of a minefield as well, especially if the children are over-tired. We didn’t help the hyperactivity by having a massive pick and mix sweet table, with more jelly snakes and cola bottles than you can imagine.

One thing we really wished we could’ve had was a photo booth like the ones that you can hire from OMG photo booth hire. A close friend of mine had one at hers and I loved how you could take silly photos and not only did the bride and groom get a copy, so did you! I still laugh at the pictures now. I always thought that would’ve been a really great way to entertain kids as well; who doesn’t like dressing up and pulling faces? It would’ve been an activity families and groups of friends could enjoy, for not too much cost really.

How did you entertain children at your wedding? Did you have a child ban? I’d love to hear what you did or are planning to do!

This post is a sponsored post by OMG! Photo booth hire, although my ideas and experiences are my own.


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