Enterosgel #myIBShandbag campaign

Enterosgel #myIBShandbag campaign

I have IBS. Yes, I’ve said it. I have an irritable bowel. It’s one of those conditions that is never spoken about, yet so many people suffer from. But why won’t we discuss it, is it because it’s about poo? Enterosgel got in touch with me recently to join their campaign about IBS awareness for IBS awareness month, and I thought what the heck, I’ll see what it is the product has to offer.

Apparently, 100 doses of Enterosgel is taken in the world every second, which I think is bonkers as I’d never even heard of it until the email hit my inbox. It is a drug-free alternative to mainstream anti-diarrhoea medication and works by binding to the substances in your gut that may cause that dash to the toilet. You dilute a sachet in water and drink it.

One thing I remember was the difficulty of managing my symptoms when I was pregnant, as I couldn’t take the regular pills, Enterosgel is safe for use in pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding, so something I would definitely bear in mind if I was to have another baby.

I like to try and reduce the number of drugs I’m putting into my body. The active ingredient in Enterosgel is excreted unchanged so will not be absorbed during it’s travel around the digestive system.

April is IBS awareness month, but I think it should be something that we are aware of constantly. There is currently a competition running on social media with Enterosgel to win a chic handbag and some goodies. You can enter by using the hashtags #myIBSbag, #myIBShandbag, #myIBSstory, #IBSgodrugfree when showing us what you keep in your bag to manage your symptoms on the go.

Here is my handbag:

Enterosgel. IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Poo, Diarrhoea, upset stomach, www.mumsymidwife.com

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