Parenting – the endless hours.

Parenting – the endless hours.

Many of you will share in this, but how do you manage when you’re having one of those days where the hours just seem endless?

I mean those days when you’re in the house on your own with the children and it’s a long time until bedtime; and there are a lot of hours to fill in between!

I hate them. My husband leaves for work about 7am and sometimes that’s it until 5.30 (and I know I’m lucky it’s only that long). I always pray, on those days, that my daughter will nap well. In true parenting style, those days never end with good naps! I’m usually climbing the walls by 9am thinking of places we can go to fill the time. Beings as I’m in the final months of my maternity leave, I’m always trying to keep costs down and think of free activities. I’m sure if my daughter was a little older, these may be easier to find, with summer coming and parks available; but she is only 9 months old and being sat in her pram whilst I walk around has limited appeal. She can’t crawl yet so soft play is also a no go.

So what do you do?! I usually end up buying a coffee and walking around, if I’m lucky one of my mummy friends will be free and we can all do something together. To be honest, those are the best days – you can’t beat chatting and seeing your babies grow up together! When they’re all busy, I usually end up resorting to the one game my daughter likes to play. It’s called “put the blocks in the box and take them out, put box on head… repeat” I know, it’s catchy right? If in doubt, get the box out.

I’m not sure if these days where she is still immobile are a blessing as at least she stays in one place; or if it will be easier when she can move and we can go and play properly. I’m sure if we fast forward a couple of months I’ll tell you that I wish she’d stay still.

But for now, during the long days of parenting, the thing that gets me through is coffee and a box of blocks… what gets you through?*

*wine is an acceptable answer, as is chocolate, cake and Haribo.

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  1. April 23, 2016 / 4:28 pm

    Baby groups, either stay and play or music ones, there are free ones at children’s centres and libraries – hint, they’re for the mums not the babies! – Church mum and toddler groups, they’re often a small donation. Box sets in the background..

  2. May 1, 2016 / 7:01 pm

    Lol yeah the walking age is fun but with two I struggle to go anywhere like the park; I have to have help. CBeebies and Peppa Pig have been God sends for me! Also, unless it’s hammering it down with rain, I always try to go for a walk, even if it’s just to the local shop for a bottle of milk. Have you got a local library you could take her to and read her some stories? Saucepans and wooden spoons can also be a noisy way to pass some time!

    • May 4, 2016 / 6:45 am

      I bet trying to keep two out of trouble is really hard work! Xxx

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