Dreamgenii and Cantaloop pregnancy belt review.

Dreamgenii and Cantaloop pregnancy belt review.

Recently I was asked to review the Dreamgenii pillow and pregnancy belt. Now, although I’m a midwife, I was missing one thing… a bump. So to review the items properly I passed them onto a really good friend of mine who is most definitely pregnant! My friend, Hannah is 39 weeks pregnant at the moment (go Hannah!) and was kind enough to try them out. 

First of all, she reviewed the Cantaloop support belt, the belt acts a bit like a very large tubigrip/elastic bandage and aims to support the bump through the elasticated material. When I was pregnant I suffered from PGP/SPD and really needed something like this to help with the weight on my pelvis. At the time, I spent quite a lot of money on different bump support products, but none seemed to help. Hannah, who is incredibly fit, unlike me, said the belt seemed to really help day to day, although she isn’t suffering from PGP/SPD. In the middle of a full house renovation, the belt seemed to help her get down to business and she managed to strip the wallpaper in a whole room without any aches or pains when she wore the belt. The measurements weren’t quite right to fit her perfectly, the medium matched her hip measurement but unfortunately did roll up throughout the day which was a little awkward. Hannah also found that she could only wear it under dresses as she couldn’t fit it underneath the over-bump trousers she used. However, the over bump trousers were probably providing some bump support anyway, so the need for the belt may have been less when combined with jeans etc. Overall she really liked the product and it did genuinely seem to help with preventing the aches and pains associated with the weight of her bump on her body. You can buy them from Tesco for £12.99.

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The Dreamgenii pillow was also a hit. Its special design means that the pillow supports your back, goes under your body then has a long “tail” to support your bump and place between your legs as you sleep. They are £47.99 from the Dreamgenii website but you can also get them on Amazon and in Mothercare for around £36.99. When trying out the pillow, the support really did help Hannah to sleep with a bump. The between the legs part, from a midwife’s point of view, is great for aligning the pelvis and preventing it from tilting as you sleep and reducing pain as a result. The hormone relaxin loves to make your muscles easier to pull so the pillow helps to prevent you pulling the muscles in your hip/pelvis as you sleep on your side. The side you sleep on with the pillow is your choice, however, if you want to turn over and get the same support, you would need to get out of bed and turn the whole thing over. Saying that, I couldn’t turn over in bed when I was pregnant and I had to get out to change side anyway.

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Both of the items are really high quality and are clearly thought out to get the most out of their design and purpose. If I ever have another one I’ll be getting in touch with Hannah to see if she still has these gems for me to use during the pregnancy! Thank you Hannah for being my guinea pig; and thank you Dreamgenii and Cantaloop for letting us review your products!

I have been given the Dreamgenii and Cantaloop support belt for the purposes of a review, the opinions expressed by Hannah are her own and are honest. I value my readers so would not compromise my integrity by giving a falsely positive review. 

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  1. December 20, 2016 / 12:22 am

    yeah i love pregnancy pillows it works great even if you are not pregnant to haha. i finally got one after reading a couple of reviews and it works great. it gives that extra support and it gives a nice needed support if you are side sleeper to. 🙂

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