December 2018 round up

December 2018 round up

Well what a month it has been! Christmas is always a funny period, with the absolutely overwhelming magic for little ones, paired with the stress of being a parent and everything being “right”. This was the first year Isabelle was fully aware of what was happening, something I’ve waited three and a half years for. Here is our December roundup.

The month started with my Grandma’s 89th birthday! We had a lovely meal and a cake to celebrate just one year to the big 9 0. We then had a bit of a scare with Isabelle the following week. Mr Mumsy and I had planned to go to London but in the law of sod, Isabelle was really not well and we ended up in the Children’s ward at the hospital getting her checked over with the consultant. Luckily, she was well enough to come straight home, but not early enough for us to go to London for what we had planned. So we spent the weekend at home instead.

The weekend after saw us going on a road trip to Cardiff to go to my oldest friend’s housewarming/engagement/Christmas party. We’d not seen the house and not met her fiancé yet! It was so much fun to meet her other bridesmaids (did I mention that I am one too) and get to know the hubby-to-be.

We then went into full Christmas mode. The weekend before Christmas we started a new tradition, something I used to do with my family when I was little. We went to Severn Valley Railway for their Santa Steam Special. The experience had not changed a bit. We all got a lovely ride on the steam train, which goes past West Midland’s Safari Park, all the way to the Santa’s Grotto to meet the big man.

Isabelle was completely transfixed by it all. She ADORED seeing the deer, rhinos and elephants at the Safari Park and being in a proper steam train. She even spoke to Santa – which is progress on her trip at Center Parcs in November. We then soaked up the atmosphere at Arley Station before getting a ride back to Kidderminster. The whole day was brilliant and is now fully reinstated as a family Christmas tradition.

Christmas Eve rolled around fast, with a trip to see the Pantomime booked since last Christmas Eve. This year it was Sleeping Beauty, the dame is the same man as when I went as a child. Once again Isabelle was dumbstruck, sat mouth agog taking it all in. My personal highlight was when the “Buttons” equivalent threw a bucket of water into the audience, unfortunately covering my Mum. She was absolutely soaked, bless her.

Christmas Day was lovely, albeit stressful in some aspects. We were at home first thing and then went to my family for Christmas Dinner. We then got in the car and travelled the 128 miles to Mr Mumsy’s family to have the traditional Christmas Quiz. Now, this is a really big thing, with phones confiscated, hushed voices and abuse hurled around left, right and centre. I have to tell you something, I am amazing at quizzes as I am brill at retaining completely useless information. This year was not my year, and the first year since I started going in which I’ve lost. My winning streak is officially over.

My absolute highlight of the whole month has been that evening though. Not for the quiz, but because it was the first time Isabelle and my nephew (just 9 weeks older than her) had a little sleepover. They both had ready-beds and were told they mustn’t get out or Santa would see. In typical style, Isabelle saw that as a challenge and decided she would stay on her bed, as to not break the rules, but would be out of bed sat up with her feet on the floor. She and my nephew were chattering and giggling away together, which was the cutest thing I think I’ve ever heard, hearing their little conversations was just delightful.

The month drew to a close with a train ride home for me, to go to work on the Friday during “Gooch week”. I always like a little train adventure so got lots of knitting done.

As 2019 rolls in I’ll be writing my goals for the year. It’s a big one with the Big 3 0 looming in October. I’ve decided I’ll be doing “30 before 30” so keep your eyes peeled for the goals I have in mind.

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

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