Crossing off my bucket list with Heelys.

Crossing off my bucket list with Heelys.

Now maybe you’re from my generation, or maybe you’re not. But do you remember the skate shoes we used to be able to buy in the nineties/early naughties? The ones I’m on about are the ones that you pressed a button on the side of your shoe and two little wheels popped out and voila, some roller skates. Times have moved on and now all the range are Heelys.

I won’t lie, I am extremely jealous when I see the kids of today scooting around the supermarket or down the street with their little shoes. But as a grown woman, I haven’t actually bought a pair for myself. Mostly because where will I be skating to when Isabelle is on reins? I can’t imagine it would look good for me to be dragging her along the floor just to fulfil my need for speed.

I always believe in giving your children the things you couldn’t have yourself, so as soon as Isabelle is old enough to enjoy a pair of Heelys then they will be top of the list for the next special occasion. But I really don’t want to be spending too much on them, kids feet just grow too quickly to make it viable.

Recently Skate Hut got in touch to tell me about their cheap prices for Heelys and I’ll definitely be bookmarking their site ready for when the time comes. The prices start at about £44 so they aren’t an everyday purchase, but they would be ideal for a birthday. I regularly spend upwards of £30 for regular shoes so the extra tenner won’t break the bank too much.

They sell adult Heelys as well, and I am all for coordinating children’s outfits with mum’s outfit, so maybe that will be my chance to finally tick that off my bucket list!

What’s one of the things on your bucket list?

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