Counting blessings

Counting blessings

Recently was the first day we had to take or little girl to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. She, blissfully unaware of the effort it takes to travel to the regional centre and slept pretty much the whole time!

My husband and I sat in the heamatology clinic which ran along side the oncology clinic counting our blessings.

As we sat there with our very disgruntled baby (she doesn’t even know she’s born… like, literally) we felt very blessed and grateful. One parent was waiting to hear their child was out of surgery. One child was on chemotherapy and their fractious parents were looking on into the distance with a look of, clearly, chronic worry.

We sat knowing the diagnosis of our little one. She has a rare genetic condition involving her blood which may cause some complications but nothing that would (currently) lose us sleep.

As she is so little we are due to see the Doctor every 6 weeks, however, as we sat there with her grumpy little face looking up at us, we realised, at least were taking our precious daughter home tonight.

This post is for all the parents out there with children that are unwell. Today we had a small idea of what it would be like to have a child very poorly and I feel for you. I don’t want to appear crass, I just wanted to say you’re in my heart. I feel for you.

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