Coombe Abbey – Warwickshire

Coombe Abbey – Warwickshire

Yesterday we got the rarest of things, a child-free day off! Like, actually without our daughter from 9 until 4.30!

I’ll be honest, it started pretty dull with a trip to a mortgage advisor (watch this space on that one) but it brightened up pretty quickly – I had a whole 2 hours to blog and sort out loads of stuff behind the scenes, I’m now loving Stumbleupon, I hadn’t got a clue what to do at 9am this morning. I’m also forming my blog domination plan and acting on my goals for the rest of the year – see my media kit if you fancy working with me. It’s new and very shiny!

Anyway back to the fun… we were given a voucher to have afternoon tea at Coombe Abbey Hotel by my parents after Isabelle was born and haven’t had chance to use it in the last 7 months. Today was the lucky day. OH MY GOD it was amazing, we really took the time to enjoy ourselves and live our “pre-children” lives again including playing on the tyre swings…

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It was freezing, I won’t lie. We walked and talked and reminisced about the time we went to Coombe and a woman asked us when we were “to marry” on our second date. Cringe.

I had a little go at photographing the same pictures thousands have others have taken before and Craig did too.

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Ending up with an amazing time in the hotel with our afternoon tea.

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I really felt very posh when I ordered some of the “Jamaican Blue” coffee, which was apparently the most expensive coffee in the world… although I couldn’t tell the difference. I thought that the coffee the little beetles pooped out was the most expensive coffee, but who am I to argue!

I can say it was such a nice break to have the day off… thank you mum for having our darling daughter!

I haven’t been given any compensation for writing about the afternoon tea, we were given the voucher as a gift and paid the extra we were due for the little perks. I just fancied writing about the nice day I’ve had. 


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