Confessions of a crave-o-holic.

Confessions of a crave-o-holic.

Hi, I’m mumsymidwife and I have a problem.

I need to confess… I am craving some strange things:

  • The smell of a new carpet.
  • The smell of a new Hoover (only the upright type, none of your “Henry” crap).
  • The smell of a new IKEA mattress (HAMARVIK I <3 you).
  • The smell of a freshly painted wall.

and finally, at least remotely normally,

  • Crushed ice.

All I ask is that you don’t judge me… but I will let you laugh. I have no idea where these come from. You hear that it’s because you need a certain food group. But carpet isn’t a food group! Neither is mattress!

I can’t describe it. Every time a Hoover comes on the telly (especially the Vax cordless advert that Miranda Hart narrates. That is the double header with carpet AND a Hoover) my mouth waters and I crave the smell like I’ve never wanted something so much in my life.

I thought I’d heard it all. Someone in “Take a Break” ate sofas when she was pregnant. I also know the old wives tale of coal. But Hoovers? Bleeding Hoovers?

I have no more words to describe what hormonal mess is going on at the moment. But I will be more than satisfied when it leaves me to live a craving free life once more.

Until then… here is my favourite ad of all time.

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