Clothes review from me&i

Clothes review from me&i

A few weeks ago I got a lovely package in the post with loads of clothes from me&i. Since I had my daughter my shape has completely changed, something I’ve mentioned before and when I reviewed a Slendertone. I am still struggling with styles, so when me&i got in touch I was so excited. 

The brand is just launching in the UK and works a bit like Avon, you order the clothes you want from a representative or online and they are delivered to your door, they also do parties at your house for you and your friends.

There are all different styles in the collection, ranging from casual to smart, and something to suit every shape.

I picked 5 items:

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I’ve been trying them all over the last 5 weeks and have to say they are SO comfy. They wash really well and come through the tumble dryer looking the same size as they went in, which is a bonus as I’m sure most of my clothes shrink (or maybe it’s all the cake I eat). I am in love with my magic pants and really wish I had 2 pairs on rotation at all times. The styles would suit casual wear or work wear, depending on what you had in mind. Most of the items online seem quite versatile as well.

They all come in small, medium, large etc and I was a large size in all of them. As you can see, they do hide the lumps and bumps so I felt good wearing them and not like the usual two options: a sack of potatoes or Shirley from Eastenders.

The range varies in price from around £28 onwards and there is a men’s and children’s collection too. If you host a party then you’ll also get a hostess gift for free.

dressing for a new shape post-baby, your body changes once you've given birth, so try different fashion and styles to see what suits you post baby. Postnatall fashion may be different to what you wore before.


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I was gifted items from me&i for purposes of review, however, my thoughts are my own. I value my readers too much to compromise that.

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