Caseapp phone case review

Caseapp phone case review

I love my phone, as a blogger I have it permanently attached to my hand and am always taking photos, browsing Facebook and spending money on Amazon. I always worry that I am going to damage it and religiously have a phone case and a tempered glass screen protector on at all times. Recently Caseapp asked me if I would like to review their cases, they make custom cases with photos, collages and text, anything you want really, and so I went onto their website and went to town.

The website is really easy to use, you just pick what kind of case do you want – they have regular “shell” type cases, extra protection tough ones and also skins to choose from. I had an iPhone 6s at the time, but they also make cases for most iPhone models and the popular Samsung handsets too.

Once you’ve chosen which you want it takes you to an editor screen where you pick your photos/text. You then move it around the case template until your happy with how it looks. It’s as easy as that. They then create the case and post it to you. I did have a few different designs on the go because I just couldn’t decide which to have, but in the end, I picked a regular case and an extra protection tough case.

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The cases arrived in less than a week, even though the estimate was longer. I was immediately in love with them; the build quality is fantastic, they look really professional and fitted my phone perfectly. I tried each case for a month to make sure they didn’t break after a few days and both held up great. There were no scratches on them from being in and out of pockets and dropped by my toddler, which I was surprised about. The regular case is really slim and doesn’t add weight to the phone at all; you don’t feel like you’ve got a case on really. The extra protection shell is a lot bulkier, however, it does make the phone seem better protected from drops etc. It adds weight to the handset and size, but then when I’m ordering an extra protection model, this is what I would expect.

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I upgraded my phone this weekend to an iPhone 7 and unfortunately the cases don’t fit the new model. Although I must say that they don’t say they do, I was just being hopeful that I could keep the cases in use. However, I loved them so much I actually went on and ordered a new one yesterday with my own money. I’m really looking forward to it arriving and being able to have Isabelle on my phone again.

I would definitely recommend them, especially with Christmas coming. The regular cases start at £19 and the extra protection ones start at £22.


*I was asked to review Caseapp phone cases, all opinions are my own and honest. I value my readers too much to compromise that. 

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