Buying for your dad at Christmas.

Buying for your dad at Christmas.

I know, I mentioned the “C-word” and yes, it is a little soon to be thinking about it, but I am. Last year was a shambles and I ended up not actually buying anyone anything. I blame that on having a sleep-phobic 4-month old.

Anyway, I always find my parents notoriously hard to buy for and usually end up getting my Dad an Amazon Voucher. This year I am trying to plan ahead and actually think about the gifts I’m giving, so I’ve had a long and detailed discussion with my husband about buying for men, and have come up with these tips!

Indulgence is key.

If paying for your dad to drive a Ferrari is out of your budget then try going for something indulgent with a smaller price. Things like a really nice bottle of whisky, cigars or a nice shirt/jumper. You can pick these up for under £30 and will allow your dad to feel like he’s had a treat for the Christmas season without blowing your bank balance. Places like Chums are fab for clothes and Morrisons always do great deals on booze leading up to Chrimbo.

Men like experiences.

My husband has dutifully told me that men like having experience days as presents rather than actual things, so if you are looking for a slightly higher budget; racing cars, piloting planes and all the fancy things you see on websites like Virgin Experience Days and Groupon will go down a treat. There are more relaxed experiences on these sites too, such as golf lessons and swanky meals, if your dad isn’t an adrenaline junkie like my husband!

Stocking fillers.

No matter what your budget, stocking fillers are always a winner, no matter who you are. Gift cards for restaurants are a good last minute buy, as are online vouchers for places like Amazon (my old faithful). Smaller buys like sweets always go down well, especially if he lets you nab a few of his Haribo while you’re all sat watching the Queen’s Speech.

I think the key to a happy dad at Christmas is a little bit of luxury and a few sweets tossed in for good measure.

What are you getting your dad for Christmas this year?

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