BlogOn Xmas 2017 at Hotel Football Old Trafford

BlogOn Xmas 2017 at Hotel Football Old Trafford

I don’t normally do round-up posts after blogging conferences, I rely on the fact that so many others do them and that mine wouldn’t add anything already mentioned. But BlogOn Xmas this month was a little bit different than others I have attended and is a shining example of WHY I blog.

For my readers that aren’t bloggers, BlogOn is a conference held twice a year in Manchester, it’s not for profit and the tickets are the cheapest of all the conferences that are held. It has speakers that are specialists in their areas and it’s a great place to learn if you are a newbie.

I’m obviously not a newbie anymore, and as such, the conference format takes on another level of importance for me…


I’ve made a lot of acquaintances over the 2 nearly 3 years I’ve been attending conferences. People that I know from the online circuit and would happily say hello to when I came across them. However, this time things changed and I felt for the first time that I was meeting with friends, rather than casual acquaintances. People that I genuinely care about their lives and am interested in more meaningful conversations.

I was invited to a meal at Chiquitos the night before the conference by my blogging crush and newfound mate Harriet from Toby & Roo. Along with Beth from Twinderelmo, Emma from Emma and 3, Leanne from A Slice of my Life Wales, Louise from Pink Pear Bear and Leanne from Ankle Biters Adventures and finally my other new blogging friend Hannah from Hannah Spannah Coco Banana. It was amazing to actually feel part of a crew and they were all so welcoming so thank you to all of you for enveloping me in your tribe.

I particularly want to give a big hug to Harriet and Hannah, as they were so lovely and let me properly get to know them, above the general niceties, with plans of a possible rendezvous in the near future. So thank you ladies, you made my weekend.

I need to say hello and hug all the other bloggers I know that I got to catch up with as well, I’m so sorry if I’ve missed anyone but big hugs to Donna from What the Redhead Said, Becky from Pinks Charming and Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine. It was so lovely to see you all.

So THIS is what blogging is, it’s not being backstabbing and pushing others under the bus to get an opportunity, it’s not just looking out for number one but it’s about the community you are part of and the friendliness and love that you share between each other.

So thank you, everyone, you made my weekend amazing. I can’t wait until we meet again.

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