Bambella trolley liner review

Bambella trolley liner review

Food shopping is such a chore. I usually give in and order our weekly essentials online, to be delivered, as I just can’t face trying to push a massive trolley around the small aisles and keep a toddler entertained at the same time. Another food shopping bugbear of mine is the grubby trolleys. I’m not a massive germaphobe but I hate 3 particular things in life: public baby changing tables; trolleys and buses. For each of those, I can never tell when they were last cleaned and the thought really creeps me out.

Bambella Designs got in touch with me recently as they are launching their brand in the UK, and they sell something that ticks my germaphobe boxes and helps with the weekly shop just a little bit. They sell trolley liners for your babies to sit in!I thought this was a really fab idea, so I said I’d love to try one out and picked from their long list of fabric choices.

The idea behind the liners is very simple, they slot into a single child seat in a trolley and provide a barrier from the bars which Isabelle always tries to suck (eurgh). An added bonus is that they’re slightly padded to provide a little bit more comfort to sit in. It just makes the whole process a lot cleaner for a baby and also you can use one of the flaps to cover the main handlebar so you get a bit of the “germ-free” benefit too.

Now I know they won’t stop the germs entirely but the thought that they are being minimised and your baby is a little more comfortable is a win for me. The Bambella website also boasts that the product is naturally antibacterial and reduces the majority of the germs found on the trolley bars.

There is no setup involved, just take it out of its carrier and open it out into the gap and then put your baby in. There is still plenty of space for the strap to go around your little one (to prevent escape attempts) and the result looks really stylish as well. They are already really popular in Australia, where Bambella began, and are becoming more popular in the UK. On their site, they retail for £34.99 which is quite a lot for the privilege of a comfier/cleaner shop with your baby, but it will come in handy as we all go to the supermarket regularly with our little ones. I keep mine in the boot ready for when I do pop to the shops and will be used until Isabelle stops sitting in the seat, so probably a good 2 years still to go.

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If you are looking for something like this to get, I would definitely recommend them to you. However, I wouldn’t necessarily fork out the full price for one based on one weekly supermarket visit, it would need to earn its keep much more than that. Ultimately, it looks cool and makes it cleaner, so I can’t deny it’s a good product!

Bambella also sell lots of other products including pram accessories (think foot muffs, liners, bar covers and harness covers) and also cot bedding and nursery furniture covers. All of it is gorgeous and well made so I’d check them out if you’re in the mood for some pram personalisation!

I was sent a pram liner for the purposes of review, but the thoughts and opinions are my own. I value my readers too much to compromise that. 

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