BACK Dual Action Roller Massager review

BACK Dual Action Roller Massager review

I haven’t really spoken about this on my blog before, but about 4 years ago I had a nasty fall at work and since then my back has been, well, a bit rubbish, really. I have something called sacroiliac joint dysfunction, which means I have chronic inflammation of my pelvic bones, and also my spine has curved as I have adapted to the pain. The condition also stemmed to me having Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP or SPD) in pregnancy which was no fun whatsoever! I ended up on crutches and had to start maternity leave early as I couldn’t do midwifey things whilst hopping up and down the ward on metal poles. 

When I was asked to review the BACK Dual Action Roller Massager, I thought I had nothing to lose! The product includes a handheld roller ball massager and some special “Relief Gel” that you put into the space behind the ball and then massage into your skin. I’ll admit I was imagining a battery-powered device, so it is worth mentioning that this is manual powered and requires you to move it around your back for the ball to move and massage.

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The gel smells lovely and can be bought separately when you run out, although I think £9.98 is quite expensive, but then again that is for 70mls. The ingredients boast 10 essential oils and botanical extracts, it is easily absorbed and not sticky (you can read the full info on the ingredients on the page).

I would imagine the massager would be quite helpful for women with pregnancy-related back pain, but please don’t use the gel as there are ingredients that are contraindicated for use in pregnancy. I would say perhaps some natural oil such as coconut, almond or even olive oil could be used to help lubricate the ball by putting it over the area you want to massage (rather than putting it in the massager). Obviously, if you have an allergy to those oils, avoid them.

My back is probably always going to be painful, and I’ve accepted that. However, if I can reduce the amount of pain relief I take all the better. I love trying items like this as I do favour a natural approach rather than pharmacological. The massager is alright, it is pricey at £24.99 on both the official website and Amazon, but it does what it says on the tin. It will never have the power of an electric massager but it works well on an ad-hoc basis. I will probably keep it in my medicine cupboard to use when my back or shoulders are really tense, but I don’t think it will provide lasting pain relief and I still see myself heading for the pain pills.

I have been provided a BACK Dual Action Massager for the purposes of review, however, the thoughts and feelings are my own. I value my readers too much to compromise that.


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